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Noah's Mill Small Batch Boutique Bourbon

Noah's Mill is a Kentucky Bourbon of extraordinary character and smoothness not found among younger whiskies. Its superior taste and flavour characteristics are made possible only from using the very finest quality ingredients from the outset along with the long years and patience necessary for nature to mellow everything to perfection.

Product of the United States of America

Product Information:

Colour: Tarnished Gold
Nose: Walnuts, Prunes, Floral
Palate: walnuts, prunes, spices, intertwined with lavender and balanced with the perfect amount of acid, that leads you down a path of lingering burnt caramel. 
Alcohol Content: 57.15%
Volume: 750ml

About Willett Family Distillery

In the spring of 1936, at the age of 27, Thompson Willett founded Willett Distillery. The distillery was erected near the family farm, which had been purchased by Lambert Willett, Thompson's Dad. Upon completion, in the spring of 1937, Willett Distillery produced its First batch of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey. That First batch amounted to 300 bushels (~30 barrels) on March 17, 1937, St. Patrick's Day. The newly barreled Bourbon was stored in one of the family's Brick houses, each capable of storing between 4,000 and 5,000 Whiskey barrels. The Brick houses were built on some of the highest ground in the county, assuring that a fresh breeze would aid in the maturation of the Whiskey.

To this day, descendants of Thompson Willett are still carrying on the family tradition of making fine Kentucky Bourbon and Kentucky Rye Whiskey at the same spot that Thompson and his family operated over 80 years ago.