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AFC Extra Virgin Olive Oil + MCT 500ml

Boost, nourish and energise your worthy insides with a Keto, Vegan, and Paleo-friendly drop ready to be consumed raw, pan-fried, drizzled over a salad, or shaken in a dressing.

Trust Awesome to bring some of the world’s best olive oil to your table.

We have. And it’s packaged as a powerful duo for brain and body.

A duo pairing our award-winning, locally sourced, produced, and grown EVOO with MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides): MCTs derived from 100% natural coconut oil – not palm oil – cutting palm plantations down is like letting off a carbon bomb while starving the orangutans…

Coconut oil has unique, super-rich fatty acids the body can’t store and is known to aid cognitive function, physical performance, weight management, and it’s far better for the planet.

Do yourself – and the apes – a double dose of good from this baby blue 500ml can.