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Ambleside Distillers Big Dry Gin

Big, dry and peppery but not too spicy. Big Dry has notes of rosemary and thyme but what sets this gin apart is the jalapeno they use to give it that extra kick. The intense and robust flavours complement the dry taste of the juniper berries. 

This style lends itself to a martini or in a G&T with a slice of jalapeno and some fresh coffee beans.


Juniper, pine, pimento, mace. Oil content creates good mouth feel, warm at the back of the palate from the jalapeno.


Located in Hahndorf in the Adelaide Hills, Ambleside Distillers was built from the garden up. Founded by a family passionate about sourcing local since day one, from their Australian made Copper Still to the botanicals grown in our distillery garden.

Ambleside Distillers use the traditional method of single run vapour infused distillation  to craft spirits that capture the essence of local produce and bring our passion for craft distilling together. The family behind Ambleside have created an authentic local Australian distillery that celebrates some of the finest botanicals our country has to offer.

Distilled and bottled in South Australia
Alc. Vol: 45%.
Size: 700ml