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Applewood Distillery Gin

Applewood's first and signature expression. An intricate, unabashedly Australian dry gin with a native citrus core, alongside a piquant, unctuous earthiness and a soaring eucalypt freshness. An authentic reflection of the arid interior of Australia.

How We Drink it

Paired with a good quality tonic and garnish with a fresh lime slice, or shake in a classic Gimlet. For sustainable minds, warm nights and lovers of crisp refreshment.


Located in the Adelaide Hills, Applewood Distillery seeks to support farmers who opt for more sustainable farming methods, crops and orchards. They value those who wish to listen and learn from indigenous culture and understand the importance of working in harmony with nature.

They craft uniquely Australian gin and are passionate about sharing the wonders of the rarest flavours never used with the rest of the world while helping future proof Australian agriculture for generations to come.

Distilled and bottled in South Australia
Alc. Vol: 43%.
Size: 500ml