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Battisti Pasta Artigianale Gragnano Linguine

Battisti Pasta Artigianale Gragnano Linguine
the best italian linguine

Gragnano bronze-die durum wheat premium artisanal Linguine pasta. 

About Battisti Pasta Artigianale Gragnano

There is one town in Italy that stands out as the epicenter of the world when it
comes to pasta making: Gragnano, in the Gulf of Naples.

Battisti Artisanal Gragnano pasta complies with all the strict requirements of the
Gragnano pasta makers: They start by sourcing only high-protein durum wheat,
which helps keep the pasta al dente when it’s cooking. They mix the dough with
pure spring water from the Lattari Mountains, to then extrude our pasta rigorously
through a bronze die, a solution that gives a rougher texture to it. Lastly,
they dry the pasta in a slow cycle at a low temperature to maintain the structure
of the gluten intact and the flavour of the wheat unaltered.

The result is an unapologetically old-school Gragnano artisanal pasta showcasing
the highest level of craftsmanship in the roughness of its texture and a
flavour that evokes the purest tradition. The authenticity of their pasta reflects in
the choice of using only 100% Italian wheat from Southern Italy.

All the ingredients used in our Gourmet Line (truffle, porcini, squid ink and Amalfi
lemon) are also 100% Italian. Because when you buy a Battisti product, they want
you to be sure of experiencing the most authentic ‘sapore di casa’.

Product Information

Product of Italy

Ingredients: 100% Italian Durum Wheat Semolina, Water.

Battisti Pasta Artigianale Gragnano Linguine
the best italian linguine