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Elisi Grove Kalamata Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Welcome to the recently crowned Best In Show, Best Greek Varietal and Best South Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil for 2021.

Judging notes of:

Intense fresh green grass, artichoke, fig leaf and rocket aromas that transfer to the palate. A lovely light-bodied lively oil on the palate with good complexity. Texture of oil is rounded and balanced with diverse fruit characters and a mild but balanced bitterness and pungency. Complex and multidimensional. A harmonious oil.

100% South Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oil


About Elisi Grove

On a gently sloping site sandwiched on a fertile strip of land between the Adelaide Hills and the majestic cliffs of the Murray River in Woodlane South Australia grow the noble olive trees of Elisi Grove.

Each year as winter approaches, their nutritious fruit is harvested early and cold pressed in a small 2 phase press just minutes down the road within hours of leaving their leafy homes.  The freshest, healthiest and most flavoursome extra virgin olive oil (henceforth referred to as EVOO) aromatically pours out into the awaiting amphoras, where a small portion is immediately made available as our tantalising cloudy First Press, while the remainder settles naturally into the aromatic, herbaceous clear liquid green and gold revered as Elisi 100% South Australian EVOO.