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Full Circle Red Amaro

This contemporary South Australian Amaro gives a respectful nod to Campari and Aperol. It’s a jewel toned, balanced blend of citrus, herbs and florals.

Double distilled grape spirit has been gently infused with South Australian oranges, blood plums, Rosella and hibiscus flowers. Herbs including thyme and bay leaf, hand picked from the gardens of friends and family, add depth and support flavours that evoke a sense of place.

Finally, Gentian brings a lingering bitterness that balances the sweet finish and delights the Negroni obsessive as well as all those who embrace the bittersweet.

Another beautiful small batch offering bottled by hand in a limited edition.


Full Circle’s distiller (and co-founder) is well known as a maker of award winning wines from McLaren Vale South Australia, Corsica and Provence. But quietly, as is her way, Rose Kentish has been distilling eau de vie for the local market on the isle of Corsica since 2010. She is a deeply creative maker by nature; one in a lifelong pursuit of flavour, scent and beauty. Rose also values story when anchored firmly in authenticity.

Full Circle’s philosophy aligns with its maker’s, and they celebrate flavours that hero what’s bountiful and commonly found in the backyards and on the kitchen tables of South Australia. The coastal Mediterranean-like climate produces a bouquet of scent that rises from lavender, eucalyptus, bay leaves, olives, luscious and varied types of citrus; frequently these are hand picked by them from the gardens of family, neighbours and friends. Sunlit flavours are captured in gins that take us straight to the ocean’s edge - a soft and round vodka, infused with savoury botanicals freshly rinsed by morning rain leads us to the Adelaide Hills.

Distilled and bottled in South Australia
Alc. Vol: 20%.
Size: 500ml