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Mastrogregori Organic Chestnut Flour (Marroni) 400g

Organic flour from DOP Chestnuts (Marroni) sourced exclusively from the Tuscia region. 

400g packet

Chestnuts/Marroni differences:

Shape: chestnut is more elongated, marroni more rounded.
Colour: chestnut uniform dark brown, marroni striated light brown.
Marroni are easier to peel thanks to a lesser depth of the internal skin. 
Taste and Texture: marroni are sweeter and softer. Their smell contains and intensifies all the wood flavours.

About Mastrogregori Aldo S.R.L

Mastrogregori Company has been working with chestnuts and marroni for over 40 years; beginning as a family-run business, in the course of time it has become a reference point in the sector, specializing in supplying retailers, wholesalers and experts: as well as "caldarrostai" (roasted chestnut street vendors), Food Industries and Importers.
The company is set in the heart of the Cimini Mountains, an area particularly suitable for the chestnuts and marroni production and has also achieved the D.O.P. recognition as "CASTAGNA DI VALLERANO".