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Mondo Nougat Assorted Flavours 250g

A variety pack of the 8 most popular Mondo Nougat flavours, made with a unique combination of Western Australian honey and crisp double roasted almonds. This nougat is made from only the best ingredients. 

Each pack contains: Vanilla Soft, Vanilla Crunchy, Lemon Soft, Orange Soft, Apricot Soft, Cherry Soft, Chocolate Soft and Cappuccino Soft.

Approximately 27 mixed pieces.

Gluten, Lactose and Gelatin Free. Australian Made.

About Mondo Nougat

Nougat has been an important part of Italian life for generations and it is part of the fabric of many celebrations.

The Mondo Nougat recipe dates back generations to their home town of Taurianova in Calabria, South of Italy where the Romeo family produces nougat to this day.

The move to Australia was a nougat makers dream. The world's best honey, fresh almonds and a warm dry climate allowed them to innovate as they made Australia home.