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Smoked and Salted Celery Gimlet

Celery Gimlet

Celery Gimlet is a fresh and a bit savoury twist of the classic gin drink Gimlet created by Günther Strobl. Matches every occasion!
Beer Mojito

Beer Mojito

Beer + Mojito = Beerito Germany's favourite drink combined with their favourite cocktail. 5cl ngi...
gene of arc smoked and salted nginious cocktail

Gene of Arc

  4cl nginious! Smoked and Salted Gin 2cl Chartreuse Verte 2cl Orange Shrub 1.5cl lemon juice 3 d...
la moustache smoked and salted gin cocktail

La Moustache

  6cl nginious! Smoked and Salted Gin 2.5cl smoked almond milk syrup 2cl lemon juice 15ml egg whi...
Red Snapper

Red Snapper

Meet our Red Snapper: smoky variant of the Bloody Mary.